The Easter Story: Fact or Fiction

On this day, April 15, celebrated by 2.5 billion Christians around the globe as Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ was crucified nearly 2,000 years ago, it’s worth contemplating the historicity of this event. Of the entire Easter story. It’s been pretty much a fact that Jesus was an historical figure, and that he [...]

The Easter Story: Fact or Fiction2022-04-18T09:04:43-07:00

Count It A Blessing To Suffer

Now that’s a good one, right? A blessing…? Tell that to the people in Northeastern Congo, where innocents are being hacked and raped and killed by militiamen. It makes no sense that they would be thankful for such tribulations, or that forgiveness is possible. How about someone suffering from the death of a loved [...]

Count It A Blessing To Suffer2023-01-30T08:26:46-08:00

President Benjamin Harrison and Prayer

(Disclaimer: Karen and I pray regularly. I respect all who profess religious affiliations other than my Christian faith, as well as those who are agnostic or atheist.) Do you pray? And what does that have to do with our long deceased president? Today, March 12, marks the 117th anniversary of his death, and I’d [...]

President Benjamin Harrison and Prayer2018-03-13T10:07:32-07:00

America’s Songs

On this day, Feb. 2, in 1831, a 23-year-old seminarian named Samuel Francis Smith first heard the tune used for the British national anthem. Delighted with the music, he was moved to write new lyrics to the same melody. “My Country Tis of Thee” was first performed on July 4 that year, and went [...]

America’s Songs2018-02-02T13:15:55-08:00

The Legacy of Leadership

History buffs. Movie lovers. Go see Darkest Hour, one of the great movies of 2017. A tour de force by Gary Oldman as Sir Winston Churchill. The history of it all enchanted me, swept me away to a time not so long before my own birth. Two hours of wonderful cinema about Churchill’s courageous [...]

The Legacy of Leadership2018-01-15T09:21:37-08:00

I Choose to Remember

I recently had a brief, but difficult texting conversation with one of my oldest friends. Several years ago he left his wife and family for a new life. New women…new surroundings. And for those friends who didn’t support his selfish decisions…well, suffice to say, they’re history, too. Sound familiar? It’s going around. Anyway, he [...]

I Choose to Remember2018-01-05T12:02:00-08:00

Home From Italy

My conclusions about this amazing country: God must be Italian, and heaven is any one of the countless gelato shops in every city.  And the piazzas. (No...not pizzas!) The ancient Romans and medieval Italians seemingly understood effective urban systems far better than many of our 20th Century city planners. Confession: I know nothing about the [...]

Home From Italy2017-06-27T09:29:02-07:00

Liz Tolsma Talks With Mike Mizrahi About The Story behind The Great Chattanooga Bicycle Race by Mike Mizrahi

"What a fun and interesting title for a book, especially since my family and I were just in Chattanooga and will be back there frequently in the coming years as my daughter is going to school there. Please welcome Mike Mizrahi to the blog this week. Here’s a little bit about the release, The [...]

Liz Tolsma Talks With Mike Mizrahi About The Story behind The Great Chattanooga Bicycle Race by Mike Mizrahi2017-06-07T08:32:34-07:00

All You Need is Love 2.0

I love Beatle music. You may have already discovered my mania. The other day the boys were singing for an audience of one inside my car... “All You Need is Love. (♫ Dont…da-da-da-da ♫). All You Need is Love.” The band sang this catchy phrase around fifty years ago on a BBC telecast that aired [...]

All You Need is Love 2.02017-05-02T09:55:36-07:00

Another Woman in My Life?

Guilty. One with four legs. Kiki rescues my heart from the worry of the moment in so many ways. Many of you pet owners already know what I’m talking about. Read on. I actually have a point here. Some people don’t like the chains that come with caring for a pet. I get it. [...]

Another Woman in My Life?2017-04-24T07:08:46-07:00
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