America Needs to Listen to More Music

Don’t you agree? Music is magic for the soul. It can root you in the here and now, and it can catapult you over the canyons of time to special moments in your past. Music is a medicine that can bind our wounds. Earlier this week I received and shared a FB post that [...]

America Needs to Listen to More Music2018-01-26T12:30:42-08:00

Are Any of Us Asking?

I was 10 years old, and I still remember watching his speech on our B&W television set. On this day, Jan. 20, 1961, the youngest man ever elected president delivered his Inaugural Address. JFK stirred the hearts of young and old alike that day with words of patriotism, self-sacrifice, and a warning to America’s [...]

Are Any of Us Asking?2018-01-22T12:10:50-08:00

Imagine…What if You Were There?

We were all created with an imaginative mind…right? Watch a toddler discover over time the world that exists at his or her fingertips. The child’s brain soaks up the new information like a sponge; the imagination stretches like a rubber band. Consider the pace of new product development that takes existing technology and expands [...]

Imagine…What if You Were There?2017-09-26T08:26:23-07:00

From Whence Will Our Rescue Come?

I recently read a blog from a self-help enthusiast who proclaimed, “No one is coming to the rescue.” Hmm… As one who loves to read and write about sozo (a Greek word: to rescue from danger or destruction), I took immediate issue. Rescue is at the heart of every good story. Once more, I [...]

From Whence Will Our Rescue Come?2017-08-29T06:31:17-07:00

Post Memorial Day Thoughts—From a Baby Boomer Who Never Served

Maybe it's my age, but Memorial Day automatically conjures up images in my mind of the brave, frightened souls who stormed the Normandy beaches that long ago June morning. Or the battle on Okinawa's Hacksaw Ridge, recently memorialized in Mel Gibson's movie of the same name. Sergeant Ed Reiff, USMC, around 1942. [...]

Post Memorial Day Thoughts—From a Baby Boomer Who Never Served2017-06-05T07:55:16-07:00

Bicycle Camps For Disabled Children

My wife and I were treated to an amazing day on May 18. We met some awesome kids who were learning to ride the bicycle for the first time in their young lives. They attended a weeklong bicycle camp in San Diego staged by a fantastic international organization called iCan Shine. I’m dedicating proceeds from [...]

Bicycle Camps For Disabled Children2017-05-24T22:09:53-07:00

Hug a Teacher

Many teachers rescued me through the years. I wish they were still with us so I could hug them and say thanks. Karen, my wife, alerted me that National Teacher Appreciation Week started yesterday, May 8, and today is Teacher's Day in America. So, I want to start this day by saying, THANK YOU, to anyone reading [...]

Hug a Teacher2017-05-09T07:34:55-07:00

The Revenge of Old Glory

Tomorrow, April 14, marks the 152 anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The tragedian John Wilkes Booth fired his shot and jumped from the President’s box to the stage. One minor detail made all the difference…he caught a boot spur on Old Glory, which had been draped across the box. Booth tumbled [...]

The Revenge of Old Glory2017-04-13T07:41:08-07:00

Musings on the Beginning

Whether you believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Or Allah. Or Buddha. Or you don’t believe in any higher power. The worlds of science and faith are coming closer than ever before to some agreement on the origins of the universe. If it was a “big bang” or a spoken word, the [...]

Musings on the Beginning2017-03-31T10:23:42-07:00

Beyond the Shire

Someday I’m going to… Fill in the blank. If you’re anything like me, I had great intentions of taking on that one thing…that one challenge that would stretch me beyond my comfort zone. Out of my Hobbit hole and beyond the Shire. For me, a journalist by training, it was this…Someday I’m going to write [...]

Beyond the Shire2017-03-09T06:09:44-08:00
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