Anna Gaines becomes the first woman to ride the streets of Chattanooga, clad in the risqué costume that many New York women are wearing in 1895—bloomers!

The debut title from Redemption Press' newest author, Mike H. Mizrahi

The Great Chattanooga Bicycle Race

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Historical Fiction Author Mike H. Mizrahi

The Chattanooga Bicycle Race: Available Today!

Help me if you can, I’m feelin’ down
And I do appreciate your bein’ round
Help me get my feet back on the ground
Won’t you please, please help me.
–John Winston Lennon

I admit it. I’m hopelessly locked in a musical time warp, an unabashed fan of the Beatles. Remember this song? John Lennon actually was calling out for personal help during a troubled period in his life. Who of us hasn’t?

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We all long for Superman or Gandalf to show up and save us. We identify with characters in books and movies who need liberation. When a mentor recently asked for my three all-time favorite movies, I listed Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as one. This is a great adventure about rescue, where Indy seeks to save his father from the Nazi’s. At the end, in a wonderful twist, it’s the father who saves his son.

“Indiana…let it go,” Henry Jones, Sr. says, as the Holy Grail slips between his son’s fingers and into an earthquake’s crevice, to be buried for all time.

What do you need saving from? My list has included pain, guilt, and depression. What about you? John Lennon spent half his life reeling from abandonment and loss. Maybe you’re on the floor of your deepest valley, or just maybe you’re on the highest peak of your mountain range. Maybe this is your time to be a rescuer.

All stories are about death—physical, psychological, professional, or a combination of the three. But the stories that make me come alive more than any other are those where the characters are transformed, they’re rescued; physically, emotionally…often both.

That’s the kind of story I love to write, and hopefully you love to read.

The best news of all? I believe—no matter where you’re at right now—that rescue is coming, because your life is an awe-inspiring story still being told. And in the final chapter you will be rescued, because the best is truly yet to come.

Deliver me from the mire and do not let
Me sink; may I be delivered from my foes
And from the deep waters.
– Psalm 69:14

The Great Chattanooga Bicycle Race

New Historical Fiction from Mike H. Mizrahi

Synopsis: Anna Gaines, an introverted nineteen-year-old, discovers she’s a natural on the “wheel” after a visit with her aunt in Brooklyn. Upon returning home to Chattanooga, she insists on the same rights that have been given to men to cycle in public. She becomes the first woman to ride the streets of Chattanooga, clad in the risqué costume that many New York women are wearing in 1895—bloomers.

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