The Power of Yes

A New Collection Of Short Stories From Author Mike H. Mizrahi

There is power in this word. A word of possibilities in the midst of uncertainty. A word of encouragement and affirmation.

My newest book, The Power of Yes, contains nine fictional short stories with characters that refuse to yield to the negative forces facing them.

In the title story, Mitchell Mason, a distraught father, enters the famed Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, WA, his family in a shambles, his spiteful adult daughter caught in the throes of drug addiction. As he walks along the bark-lined, wooded paths, he seeks answers to the age-old questions. Why? Where did I go wrong? He enters the sanctuary broken and alone, his pride stripped away. As Mr. Bloedel’s nature wonderland opens windows into his soul, Mitchell learns that powerless is right where he needs to be. That there is indeed a way forward.

The Power of Yes features other stories about sacrificial friendship, coming of age, our attachments to pets, and more. In the story Two Men, One House, two U.S. Presidents who served their nation a century apart come face to face.