Tattered Coat

Tattered Coat“Tattered Coat” maintains considerable tension and suspense and reveals an unexpected twist in the page-turning final chapters.

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It’s a fascinating portrait of the struggle for women’s rights set in a Southern city fighting simultaneously to cast off the evil tentacles of bigotry. Readers will be glued to the story right up to the satisfying resolution.

“Witnessing a murder changes a kid, right?”

Hickory Crabtree, 10, didn’t intend to witness a murder that day. He stumbled right into it, fishing on the Tennessee River.

From the award-winning author of The Unnamed Girl comes the gripping story about adversity and courage and family. The year is 1905 in the Jim Crow South. Hickory is drawn into a race against time to prevent an innocent man from hanging for a crime he didn’t commit.

Hickory knows he must tell the sheriff that the wrong man sits in jail. But if he doesn’t flee from his abusive father, he’s bound to end up dead himself. The dilemma brings him face to face with the real killer in a high-stakes carriage ride that spells certain doom for the boy.

Anna Gaines, a white socialite in Atlanta, returns to her hometown of Chattanooga, her marriage in tatters. Two families, one white and one black, drawn together in friendship out of adversity 10 years before, face another crucible. Can she help her friends weather the crisis of their lives while she’s navigating her own moment of truth?

Together, Hickory and Anna confront a city on the edge of a race war. And a murderer bound to escape with untold riches in a satchel.