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Ralph Waldo Emerson: Bites of American History May 25, 2022

Ralph Waldo Emerson On this day, May 25, 1803, one of America’s great essayists and poets, Ralph Waldo Emerson, was born.Known as the “Sage of Concord,” he declared: “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”Stand Proud. Become Better.

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President George Washington: Bites of American History April 30, 2022

George Washington On this day, April 30, in 1789, standing on the balcony of Federal Hall in the nation’s new capital, New York City, George Washington took the oath of office as our first president. Humbled by the cheers of the people below (he had not sought the presidency) Washington went inside [...]

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The Easter Story: Fact or Fiction

On this day, April 15, celebrated by 2.5 billion Christians around the globe as Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ was crucified nearly 2,000 years ago, it’s worth contemplating the historicity of this event. Of the entire Easter story. It’s been pretty much a fact that Jesus was an historical figure, and that he [...]

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Senator James Harlan of Iowa: Bites of American History March 30, 2022

Senator James Harlan of Iowa, whose daughter later married President Lincoln’s son Robert, introduced a resolution asking the President to proclaim a national day of prayer and fasting. The Puritans and Pilgrims searched their souls collectively and individually in a day of fasting and repentance when they experienced a natural calamity—a prolonged drought, a [...]

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Boston Corbett: Bites of American History April 14, 2022

President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on this day, April 14, in 1865, five days after General Ulysses S. Grant accepted the surrender of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, thus ending the bloodiest war in American history. Listen To The Original Song "The Revenge Of Old Glory" When the President breathed his last [...]

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Jedediah Smith: Bites of American History March 11, 2022

Jedediah Smith, a devout mountain man, discovered the South Pass over the Rockies in March of 1824. This led him beyond the vast western frontier where he opened the first land route to California. As reverent as his contemporary explorers were profane, young Smith reveled in the beauty and magnificence all around him which [...]

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