Jedediah SmithJedediah Smith, a devout mountain man, discovered the South Pass over the Rockies in March of 1824. This led him beyond the vast western frontier where he opened the first land route to California. As reverent as his contemporary explorers were profane, young Smith reveled in the beauty and magnificence all around him which he attributed to a benevolent Creator intent on pleasing His children.

In his journal Smith wrote, “Then let us come forward with faith, nothing doubting, and He will most unquestionably hear us…”

Stand proud. Become better.

As a lover of American history and an author of historical fiction, I think it’s important to remember from whence we came as a nation to chart wise courses for where we’re going. So, without crossing political lines, and out of extreme fascination for the subject matter, allow me on occasion to present U.S. history in bite sizes.