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April 15, 1865: The Day Lincoln Died

An eerie dream just days before.I am forever fascinated by American history.Three days prior to his assassination, Abraham Lincoln related a dream he had to his wife and a few friends. According to Ward Hill Lamon, one of the friends who was present for the conversation, the president said:“About ten days ago, I retired very [...]

April 15, 1865: The Day Lincoln Died2024-04-08T13:14:00-07:00

The Wheel

How women rode the bicycle on the way to suffrage. A few years back I was Internet hopping in search of a unique idea for my next historical novel. I came across a quote that floored me. Perhaps you will find it interesting as well: “Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. [...]

The Wheel2024-03-27T11:19:59-07:00

April 10, 1962

The day my world expanded. Opening day 2024 is around the corner. My uncle had sprung me and my cousin from school that Tuesday. As we walked through the huge parking lot, I was surrounded by every car in Los Angeles. Well…maybe not every, but that’s how it appeared through these eleven-year-old eyes. We [...]

April 10, 19622024-03-18T14:09:21-07:00

Where were you when…?

Markers All you Baby Boomers out there will probably relate the most to this question. Perhaps that’s because we’ve lived through so many explosive events that created big headlines around the world. Historical markers—some good, some bad. Many were violent. All memorable events that shook my generation to the core and redefined our culture [...]

Where were you when…?2024-03-06T15:18:51-08:00

From an Idiom-Starved Author

Finding the Perfect Phrase: A Linguistic Hunger Games By the way, I love idioms.Seemingly nonsensical phrases that nonetheless convey colorful pictures that are easily understood worldwide. They have crept into our lexicon over centuries. Even today there are dozens of generic terms that have been adopted into the English language, suggesting that waves of idioms [...]

From an Idiom-Starved Author2024-02-28T14:39:18-08:00

Part 2: Is the Bible Trustworthy?

A Bedouin shepherd left his flock behind one day in 1947 to find the one sheep that had strayed. A natural response of Middle Eastern shepherds for centuries. His search led him to the Qumran caves near the Dead Sea, where he stumbled upon the first of the scrolls that have become one of the [...]

Part 2: Is the Bible Trustworthy?2024-02-20T10:52:50-08:00

The American Dream: Is It Dead?

My son, Matthew, and his wife, Cloudia, live in Monrovia, a suburb of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley. We recently helped them move from a cramped, two-bedroom apartment in a not-so-great building to a sweet home comparable in square footage. With a small backyard, in a middle-class neighborhood. They love it, and [...]

The American Dream: Is It Dead?2024-02-15T08:22:27-08:00

The Shot That Launched The Tragedian’s Ride

With President Lincoln’s birthday approaching on Feb. 12, I can’t help but look ahead to the anniversary of another joyful day that turned terribly wrong. In fact, most of us will miss it. April 9, 1865, a slice of history that has been long forgotten. There were wild celebrations on the streets of Washington, [...]

The Shot That Launched The Tragedian’s Ride2024-02-07T11:27:40-08:00

Stories to Applaud

It’s Black History Month I assume we know the celebrated figures in Black history—Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, Jr., among them. But I’m learning there are so many other lesser-known Blacks with significant stories that must be told. As someone who loves American history, I must confess I’ve been [...]

Stories to Applaud2024-02-01T16:04:01-08:00

Is the Bible Trustworthy?

Dedicating most of my Substack writing to history and culture, I thought this to be a fitting topic. In today’s chaotic world, people throughout our country—indeed, in every nation—are searching for light in the darkness, but we’re coming up short. Well…maybe we should consult that Bible gathering dust in most of our bookshelves. It’s [...]

Is the Bible Trustworthy?2024-01-24T11:59:17-08:00
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