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8 05, 2017

Hug a Teacher


Many teachers rescued me through the years. I wish they were still with us so I could hug them and say thanks. Karen, my wife, alerted me that National Teacher Appreciation Week started yesterday, May 8, and today is Teacher's Day in America. So, I want to start this day by saying, THANK YOU, to anyone reading [...]

Hug a Teacher2017-05-09T07:34:55-07:00
2 05, 2017

All You Need is Love 2.0


I love Beatle music. You may have already discovered my mania. The other day the boys were singing for an audience of one inside my car... “All You Need is Love. (♫ Dont…da-da-da-da ♫). All You Need is Love.” The band sang this catchy phrase around fifty years ago on a BBC telecast that aired [...]

All You Need is Love 2.02017-05-02T09:55:36-07:00
24 04, 2017

Another Woman in My Life?


Guilty. One with four legs. Kiki rescues my heart from the worry of the moment in so many ways. Many of you pet owners already know what I’m talking about. Read on. I actually have a point here. Some people don’t like the chains that come with caring for a pet. I get it. [...]

Another Woman in My Life?2017-04-24T07:08:46-07:00
13 04, 2017

The Revenge of Old Glory


Tomorrow, April 14, marks the 152 anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The tragedian John Wilkes Booth fired his shot and jumped from the President’s box to the stage. One minor detail made all the difference…he caught a boot spur on Old Glory, which had been draped across the box. Booth tumbled [...]

The Revenge of Old Glory2017-04-13T07:41:08-07:00
3 04, 2017

Musings on the Beginning


Whether you believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Or Allah. Or Buddha. Or you don’t believe in any higher power. The worlds of science and faith are coming closer than ever before to some agreement on the origins of the universe. If it was a “big bang” or a spoken word, the [...]

Musings on the Beginning2017-03-31T10:23:42-07:00
19 03, 2017

Create Anyway!


We’ve all got the bug to create. It’s in our genes. We can resist…we can hide…we can put it off. But it’s there, gnawing at us over time. What’s the point, we say. Nobody will see it, or hear it, or read it…or even taste it outside of my home. And what if I [...]

Create Anyway!2017-03-19T15:36:19-07:00
7 03, 2017

Beyond the Shire


Someday I’m going to… Fill in the blank. If you’re anything like me, I had great intentions of taking on that one thing…that one challenge that would stretch me beyond my comfort zone. Out of my Hobbit hole and beyond the Shire. For me, a journalist by training, it was this…Someday I’m going to write [...]

Beyond the Shire2017-03-09T06:09:44-08:00
24 02, 2017

“But if Not”


“If our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire and out of your hand, O king, let him deliver us. But if not, be it known to you, O king, that we will not serve your gods and we will not worship the golden statue that you have [...]

“But if Not”2017-02-24T07:55:57-08:00
8 02, 2017

A Civil War Of Ideas


U.S. history is replete with rescuers. I’ve have given much thought to our nation’s current divide. We need rescuing. Right now, from ourselves. Who will step up? A Story From Our Past They were exhausted. The nation horribly divided. President Abraham Lincoln entered the White House four years earlier, determined to save the Union, [...]

A Civil War Of Ideas2017-02-23T14:49:43-08:00
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