Cultural Pivots

Chances are, if you’re not a kid yourself, you remember that age-old refrain from the movie Bye Bye Birdie. Comedian Paul Lynde sings the lament that parents from every generation have expressed during their child-rearing days, yours truly included. If you’ve never watched it, this 1963 film is a parody on rock and roll [...]

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Now & Then

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, something amazing has occurred. The Beatles have been reunited. Well, technically, it happened back in the ‘90s when Paul, George, and Ringo worked on three of John’s demos, recorded on a cassette tape before he died. Two of them, “Real Love” and “Free as a Bird,” [...]

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23 days to go (But who’s counting?)

Oh, I’m sure I will overeat on Thanksgiving this year, like I always do. And Karen will give me a sideways glance when I opt for that second helping of mashed potatoes because, well, I will plead beforehand for her to keep me honest. Come on…who doesn’t love overindulging on this holiday? Yeah, there [...]

23 days to go (But who’s counting?)2023-11-09T15:16:29-08:00

“There are places I remember…”

You and me both, John Lennon. A former best friend, currently a life mentor to many, tells his followers to never look back. The key to future success, he believes, is to move forward and forget the past. Now, I’m not one for wallowing in my mistakes, or sitting starry-eyed in my victories from [...]

“There are places I remember…”2023-11-09T15:16:55-08:00
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