On Aug. 14, 1945, The New York Times headline flashed the welcome news the world was holding its breath to hear: Japan Surrenders, End of War!

The related headlines come alive even today: All City ‘Lets Go’: Hundreds of Thousands Roar Joy After Victory Flash Is Received: Times Sq. Is Jammed: Police Estimate Crowd in Area at 2,000,000 — Din Overwhelming: Terms Will Reduce Japan to Kingdom Perry Visited: Hirohito on Radio; Minister Ends Life: Two-Day Holiday Is Proclaimed; Stores, Banks Close Here Today: MacArthur Begins Orders to Hirohito

Several days before, the world witnessed the violent death and destruction unleashed on Japan by two atomic weapons. Then, and to this day, wise military leaders, politicians, and historians have argued the necessity of dropping the bombs at that time. [Cogent arguments on both sides.]

Now we stand at the precipice of such violence being unleashed again. May God grant world leaders the wisdom to crush despotism, while keeping humanity safe from the power of such weaponry.